23 April 2009


It has come to my attention that Pompous Apparel was featured on a blog known as The Coolest Out.

View entire article here.

It's a really dope feature, and we definitely appreciate the support!

17 April 2009


The only picture I managed to capture of the entire concert with a decent vantage point. Mike Posner performing with his band, the Brain Trust.

DJ Mo Beatz!

I'm sure it's some sort of fire hazard to have this many people on a stage.

Mike Posner in Pompous Apparel.

Gumbo, Big Sean, Pat Piff, and the Wayne State Mascot, a warrior perhaps?

Sebastian, Blue Skye, Josh, and Big Sean.

A few photos of the crowd:

Juan?? Is that you??

Dante Marshall and Brian Parker.

Cliff Skighwalker and Jay John.

Mike P waving to you.

Don't forget to download Big Sean's mixtape, U Know Big Sean,
if you weren't able to grab one yesterday

Big Sean Mixtape!

Big Sean released his very anticipated mixtape U Know Big Sean, and I have the free download for you HERE!!

13 April 2009

Keys to the City Advanced Tickets UPDATE

The Keys to the City tickets are still on sale on the site but KNOW THIS:

Tickets will not be shipped.

You can still purchase a ticket at IAmPompous.com for the price of $15 until Wednesday at 11:59pm.
Once you purchase a tickets via IamPompous.com, your name and the number of tickets you purchased will be placed on an entry list. When you arrive to the event, you and your guests will stand in the line designated to ticket holders, with expressed entry and receive your purchased tickets.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to email info@iampompous.com

10 April 2009

Keys To The City Update!

Advanced tickets are selling fast! Remember, they're only 15 bucks and guarantee you admission. Visit IAmPompous.com for yours and don't forget to check out the merchandise that is still ON SALE!!

01 April 2009



Visit IAmPompous.com to receive yours before they sell out. Here's the rundown:

-They're 15 bucks. This is the least expensive entry fee for this event. If you order them via the site, there will be an additional $0.50 charged for mailing the ticket to you. If you would rather pick your ticket up in person, email info@iampompous.com to be given a pick-up location.

-All tickets will be mailed out the subsequent Friday of the day you bought your ticket. [Example: If you bought your tickets on a Tuesday, they will be mailed Friday. If you bought your tickets Thursday, they will be mailed Friday.]

-Buying a ticket will not only ensure you only pay 15 bucks, you will also have expressed entry.

-Once you purchase your ticket, your name will be placed on a list. So even if you your ticket it lost, stolen, or fraudulently reproduced, you'll still be covered.

-Oh, and PHARRELL--yeah, he'll be there. Come and say hi.

For questions or concerns: info@iampompous.com
For more details, refer to the previous posts.

30 March 2009

Thursday, April 16th

It's here!

So like I posted before, Thursday, April 16th, there will be a free concert hosted by Wayne State University. This, said, FREE concert includes performances by PHARRELL, BIG SEAN, MIKE POSNER, and some other people (who I am sure are more than competent).Right after this FREE CONCERT will be

[Finally Famous and POMPOUS APPAREL present] "Keys to the City", the OFFICIAL afterparty which is also the OFFICIAL mixtape releases of Big Sean and Mike Posner & the Brain Trust, with performances by both.

It will be held at the MAJESTIC THEATRE, THURSDAY APRIL 16TH, from 9PM-2AM.

Pre-sell tickets ARE AVAILABLE for $15 with express entry, and the door is very subject to inflation. If you're interested email info@iampompous.com before they sell out.
[FYI: They will.]